Mason Jar Madness


When someone says “Mason Jars”, most people picture delectable fruit canned in sweet syrup as a preservation method. But in the last few years the novelty of these jars being used as drinking vessels has been on the rise.   The first time I can remember drinking out of a Mason jar was at my aunt’s “Jar Parties”.  I’m not quite sure why using Mason jars as glasses, and for other projects, is becoming so increasingly popular  but I am definitely on the bandwagon.  I saw a set of three plastic mason jars with straws at Costco for about $20 and instantly fell in love.  The purchase was definitely a success but I found myself missing the glass element of the jar.  Just a few days ago I saw a pin on Pinterest for homemade Mason jar glasses with attached straws. SOLD. I headed down to the dollar store picked up a few jars, then to my local hardware store for some other supplies and got busy! You can find the original pin here.

Supplies include: mason jars and mason jar lids, drill with 3/8in drill bit, rubber grommets (original pin shows exact packaging and size), and straws (I had some disposable straws stored away).





First I placed the lid on the jar and drilled a hole slowly through the top.






Then I flipped the lid over and cleaned up the rough edges with wire cutters. After, a rubber grommet was placed carefully in the drilled hole.  The jar ring was then screwed on the jar and the straw inserted.  I AM SO EXCITED.


Now I have my spill proof jar without the plastic look! And all for under $ 3.00 a jar.  Why not make your summer beverages a little bit Pinteresting? Head to the store and get your jars to add some southern flare to your next party.


Happy Pinning!


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