Basically Free Brush Cleaner


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As I explained in my  Magnetic Makeup Board blog post, I am a makeup hoarder.  My hoarding is not limited to just makeup products, but also makeup brushes.  I have about 3 complete sets each containing 20 brushes.  With all these brushes I find myself cleaning them often.  I’ve tried many alternatives including shampoo and conditioner as cleaning methods, but my brush cleaner of choice is MAC’s Brush Cleaner that runs about $15 for 235mL and lasts me about 2 months. Looking around Pinterest I found a pin for homemade brush cleaner that was almost free. So why not try it?


CIMG2824Supplies include hot water, a container, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and dirty makeup brushes. The recipe is ridiculously simple.  Combine hot water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in a container.  Soak the brushes for 20 minutes then rinse with hot water and finally with some cold water. Dry the brushes with a towel and let them air dry.






Unfortunately I have to call this pin a Pintrocity. I could still see the makeup on the brushes when I pulled them out of water.  And when I dried them with the towel makeup residue was left all over my towel. I guess I’ll have to stick with paying $15 every two months to get my brushes clean. If any of my readers have suggestions for at home brush cleaner recipes please comment and link them below.


See the makeup all over my towel!?


Yuck! This is hardly and improvement.

Happy Pinning,

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