Marker Mugs


I’m an avid coffee drinker and coffee cup collector. Some of my favorite coffee cups have come from various Starbucks stores across the United States depicting the cities the cup came from.  One of my absolute favorite coffee cups is my Create-A-Mug from Starbucks.  The Create-A-Mug is a kit that includes a black coffee mug and a glazing pen.  You are then able to draw your own design on the cup and bake it in your oven. It lasts forever! I’m always on the lookout for these cups when I head into Starbucks for gifts and for my own use. Currently Starbucks is not selling these customizable mugs, so when I found this pin on I was really excited to try it! You can find the original pin here.  It really helped that my grandfather is a total Sharpie Pen hoarder so I had an abundance of colors to choose from.

Supplies include a white plain coffee mug and Sharpie Pens of various colors.


First the mug was washed and dried thoroughly. My sister decided she really wanted to design the cup for herself, so she chose a design and colors she liked and began drawing.  She chose a tribal print that is very popular in fashion right now.  She also added her own sense of personality by drawing a symbol from the Lion King and the phrase “Hakuna Mata”. After her design was complete, she placed the mug in the oven and THEN turned the oven on to 400 degrees for 20 minutes (DO NOT PREHEAT).

When the mug has finished baking we removed it from the oven and allowed it to cool completely. I was not impressed with the end results. The colors were faded and had bled into other colors on the mug.



There were also fingerprints on the mug that were not visible before the mug was baked. I’m calling this one a Pintrocity. It nowhere near compares to the Starbucks Create-A-Mug. I think I’ll wait till Starbucks starts selling this create product again before making another custom cup!

Happy Pinning!


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