Freedom Fruit Pizza


Yesterday I showed you how to create a festive 4th of July wreath, and today I want to share a great recipe I found on Pinterest from Skinny Mom’s blog.  Fruit pizza is always a favorite in my house.  Not only is it delicious, it’s also incredibly beautiful with the colors the variety of fruits you choose bring to the dish.  To add even more 4th of July flair to this years celebration I decided to make an American Flag version of this family favorite.  I’m always one to test out recipes before the actual event, so this blog will be about my prototype version! You can find the recipe and step by step directions here.

The supplies you’ll need include a 16 once roll Pilsbury Sugar Cookie dough (find it in the refrigerated section), a 8 ounce block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese, ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup Splenda, fresh strawberries, and fresh blueberries.


I prefer to limit the amount of artificial sweeteners and sugar that I consume so for the recipe I cut out the Splenda and used less than ¼ cup of sugar, it was plenty sweet and cut even more guilt out of enjoying the treat!

CIMG2765First the sugar cookie dough was kept in the refrigerator until it was completely chilled (easier to work with). Next the dough was pushed into a rectangle compressing each side to make the shape.





CIMG2768After it was rectangular a rolling pin was used to thin the dough and spread it further on the cookie sheet.  It was baked in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and cooled completely.





CIMG2780As the cookie rectangle was cooling, the cream cheese and sugar were mixed together with a hand mixer until it was fully combined and smooth.  The fresh fruit was washed and the strawberries were quartered long ways. Once the cookie was cool the cream cheese mixture was spread evenly on the cookie.  Finally blueberries were added to the top left hand corner of the frosted cookie to represent stars, and the quartered strawberries were put in four straight lines to represent the stripes.


…AND Ta-Da!  The finished product was beautiful!


This recipe is definitely Pinteresting. Not only did my family really enjoy the dessert, I also love that this recipe attempts to cut down on the sugar.  Most fruit pizza recipes add a marmalade glaze or powdered sugar to up the sweetness.  In Skinny Mom’s blog, the recipe incorporates both minimal amounts of sugar and Splenda, and 1/3 less fat cream cheese to cut down on the calories. Although the sugar cookie dough still contains fat and sugars, even cutting out minimal amounts of sugar can have a positive effect on health in the long run!

This recipe is worth a try.  It only took about 45 minutes to create, looks beautiful and was delicious! Try it out, and check out other recipes and tips Skinny Mom has blogged.  Her content is great.

Happy Pinning!


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