Let Freedom Wreath


Fourth of July is fast approaching and I figured I needed to mix a little Patriotic Pride with Pinterest in my blog! I love wreaths at Christmas time and when I find wreath ideas suited to different holidays I’m always on board to recreate them! I found a great pin for an American flag themed wreath.  For under $10 I recreated this festive clothespin wreath to add a little American flair to my front porch!

Supplies included clothespins, a floral wire wreath (I found one at Wal-Mart), blue and red spray paint, white poster paint and a small paint brush. The size of your floral wire wreath will determine the number of clothespins you need. I also used clothespins with different lengths to give it a less symmetrical feel.



First the floral wreath was sprayed with red spray paint and let dry.  Then I painted 27 clothes pins red, left 36 clothes pins unpainted (my house is white, so white clothespins would have blended in when the wreath was hung), and painted 17 clothes pins blue.


After all the blue clothes pins had dried, I took the white poster paint and painted four white stars on each of the clothespins. In the original pin, the blogger uses white star stickers.  This is an even better idea than painting the stars on.  I was trying to be extra creative… sometimes less is more!

After all the paint was dry the red and white clothes pins were pinned on to floral wire wreath in sections.  Each section contained 9 white clothes pins, or 9 red clothes pins, alternating the sections. All the blue clothes pins were placed on the wreath in one section.  Finally the wreath was hung on a nail that was already on the side of the house, with the blue section at the top left corner.  I found this project very simple with the most time consuming portion being painting the clothes pins and letting them dry.  The wreath really popped against my all white house and can actually be seen from the street!


Not only is this pin a great option for a simple 4th of July decoration, it could be left up all year as an alternative to a traditional American Flag. I’m calling this project Pinteresting. It took less than two hours to make including drying time, and has gotten tons of compliments from the neighbors! Do you have any other ideas for alternative holiday decorations? If so comment and link them below!

Happy Pinning,


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