Pitch Perfect Pockets


Baseball has always had a huge influence in my life.  Not only did I play baseball and softball growing up, my dad also played and coached Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros.  My sisters and I have always had a passion for the game, and for our hometown team the San Diego Padres.  When I found this pin for baseball shorts my sisters were beyond excited, and since one of my sisters will be spending her 15th birthday at a Colorado Rockies game, she insisted the shorts be one of her presents. You can find the original pin and detailed directions here. I love that the blogger who created the original pair is a Padres fan as well! She has great baseball themed ideas for jewelry and clothing on her blog.

Supplies include a pair of white shorts (I think denim would be great as well), red crochet thread, a needle, a ruler and a pencil.


The blogger put her laces on the sides of her shorts, but I preferred the laces on the pockets.  I started by drawing a faint curved line from the top left corner of the pocket to the bottom left corner and then did the same on the right side of the pocket. The process was repeated for the other pocket. Then straight stitches were sewn on meeting in the middle of the pencil line.



Although it took a good amount of time to create these shorts, they are definitely Pinteresting.  Not only are they super cute, it’s a new way to display your love for the game.  Grab some shorts, get stitching and catch a game or two!


Happy Birthday Maddie!







Happy Pinning,


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