Marble Nail Mayhem


Interesting nail designs seem to be a hot trend the past couple seasons.  From leopard print and stripes, to ombré and paisley, crazy nails are in! When I saw this pin on Pinterest it really caught my eye.  I was really interested in how they could get the nail to look as if it was marbled. To my amazement the directions (which you can find here) said to use a bowl of water with nail polish swirled throughout to create this beautiful design.  Seemed easy enough, so I knew I had to try it.


Here’s the example picture on the original pin



CIMG2711I followed the directions exactly.  Applied a base coat and let it dry completely. Then took a cup filled it with room temperature water and began swirling.  I started with the lightest color first and let a large drop of the color float into the water.  I continued with my other colors until the polish was assembled in concentric circles within the cup.  Next a toothpick was used to drag the polish from the outer ring of the circles to the middle of the cup. I did this a couple times to get a neat looking design.









The directions said to put scotch tape around cuticle and finger tips to limit the polish adhering to skin (thought this was the smartest thing ever). I then dipped my index finger into the polish water until the whole nail was submerged.  A toothpick was used around the outside of the nail to remove excess polish.  I let the nail dry for about 15 minutes. Just to make sure it was set.  After, the tape was removed from the finger.




And Voilà … Well actually, not even close. Thank goodness I only did one nail!


The final direction was to add top coat to the nails, but with and end product looking like this…


I decided to forgo any medium that would make this manicure last any longer than it needed to! The colors looked muddled and dull… not to mention it’s a complete mess to clean up… AND cleaning up this catastrophe ruined my  new dish brush.


It WAS brand new!

I’m claiming this one a Pintrocity. Save yourself time and the mess. Skip the homemade marbled nails and just go buy Sally Hansen Nail Stickers!


Happy Pinning,


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