Lavishing Lavender Lotion Bars


Now that it’s summer, it seems like the season’s motto is, “the more skin the better”.  Living in Nevada, dry skin is inevitable, so I’m always searching for great moisturizers.  While looking through the Beauty section on Pinterest, I found a recipe for lotion bars and was instantly intrigued. I was lacking a few ingredients in my pantry, so I headed down to Whole Foods and picked up bee’s wax, lavender oil (the smell is intoxicating), and ½ vegetable ½ canola oil blend.  I already had a jar of coconut oil from when I was on my Paleo baking kick. The link to the original pin and full recipe can be found here.

The recipe called for equal amounts of each of the oils and bees wax.  I went with a 2oz to 2oz to 2oz. ratio. I didn’t want to make too of a batch and not like the end product. I placed 2 ounces of grated bee’s wax, 2 ounces of canola oil, and 2 ounces of coconut oil in a glass mixing bowl.  The glass bowl was then placed over a pot of boiling water (alternative double boiler set-ups).  The melting process was fairly quick, probably 12 minutes to completely melt the bee’s wax within the oils.


After the mixture was completely melted, the bowl was removed from heat and five drops of lavender oil was added (you can add as many drops of whatever scented oil you want).  After the lavender oil was added, the mixture was promptly poured into a canola spray greased mini muffin tin (I used a mini muffin tin for smaller lotion bars but any mold will work).


I then placed the muffin tin into the freezer, being I am the most impatient person in the world; I just couldn’t wait to try them!  After about 10 minutes I pulled the tin out of the freezer and used the miniature lotion bars starting with my arms. OH MY GOSH THEY WORK! Although a bit greasy at first, the end result was ultra-moisturized skin. The greasy feeling could have been a result of using a ½ vegetable oil ½ canola oil blend, but I can’t be sure. I wouldn’t suggest these for everyday use, but after a before-bed-shower using these handy lotion bars on especially dry areas, like feet and elbows, would greatly benefit your skin’s happiness.




I’m deeming this pin a success!  The smell, the moisturizing capabilities, and the ease of use are all great from this quick and simple Pinterest project.  As I stated before the only downside is the slight greasy feeling left over after use, but it soaks into the skin quickly and is unnoticeable after a few minutes.  Also, after making the lotion bars, they need to be kept in the refrigerator to minimize melting.




From start to finish this pin took me 45 minutes and made my entire house smell aromatically delicious!  These lotion bars are definitely Pinteresting.  Go grab your oils and bee’s wax and get moisturizing!


Happy Pinning,


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  1. Miranda and I are so happy that you tested our lotion bar recipe. We love it, and it works great on my dry cracked heels! Love your sight, and thank you for linking back to ours!

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