Mason Jar Madness


When someone says “Mason Jars”, most people picture delectable fruit canned in sweet syrup as a preservation method. But in the last few years the novelty of these jars being used as drinking vessels has been on the rise.   The first time I can remember drinking out of a Mason jar was at my aunt’s “Jar Parties”.  I’m not quite sure why using Mason jars as glasses, and for other projects, is becoming so increasingly popular  but I am definitely on the bandwagon.  I saw a set of three plastic mason jars with straws at Costco for about $20 and instantly fell in love.  The purchase was definitely a success but I found myself missing the glass element of the jar.  Just a few days ago I saw a pin on Pinterest for homemade Mason jar glasses with attached straws. SOLD. I headed down to the dollar store picked up a few jars, then to my local hardware store for some other supplies and got busy! You can find the original pin here.

Supplies include: mason jars and mason jar lids, drill with 3/8in drill bit, rubber grommets (original pin shows exact packaging and size), and straws (I had some disposable straws stored away).





First I placed the lid on the jar and drilled a hole slowly through the top.






Then I flipped the lid over and cleaned up the rough edges with wire cutters. After, a rubber grommet was placed carefully in the drilled hole.  The jar ring was then screwed on the jar and the straw inserted.  I AM SO EXCITED.


Now I have my spill proof jar without the plastic look! And all for under $ 3.00 a jar.  Why not make your summer beverages a little bit Pinteresting? Head to the store and get your jars to add some southern flare to your next party.


Happy Pinning!


Basically Free Brush Cleaner


4th of July sparkling gif animation

As I explained in my  Magnetic Makeup Board blog post, I am a makeup hoarder.  My hoarding is not limited to just makeup products, but also makeup brushes.  I have about 3 complete sets each containing 20 brushes.  With all these brushes I find myself cleaning them often.  I’ve tried many alternatives including shampoo and conditioner as cleaning methods, but my brush cleaner of choice is MAC’s Brush Cleaner that runs about $15 for 235mL and lasts me about 2 months. Looking around Pinterest I found a pin for homemade brush cleaner that was almost free. So why not try it?


CIMG2824Supplies include hot water, a container, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and dirty makeup brushes. The recipe is ridiculously simple.  Combine hot water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in a container.  Soak the brushes for 20 minutes then rinse with hot water and finally with some cold water. Dry the brushes with a towel and let them air dry.






Unfortunately I have to call this pin a Pintrocity. I could still see the makeup on the brushes when I pulled them out of water.  And when I dried them with the towel makeup residue was left all over my towel. I guess I’ll have to stick with paying $15 every two months to get my brushes clean. If any of my readers have suggestions for at home brush cleaner recipes please comment and link them below.


See the makeup all over my towel!?


Yuck! This is hardly and improvement.

Happy Pinning,

Fourth of July picture credit.

Marker Mugs


I’m an avid coffee drinker and coffee cup collector. Some of my favorite coffee cups have come from various Starbucks stores across the United States depicting the cities the cup came from.  One of my absolute favorite coffee cups is my Create-A-Mug from Starbucks.  The Create-A-Mug is a kit that includes a black coffee mug and a glazing pen.  You are then able to draw your own design on the cup and bake it in your oven. It lasts forever! I’m always on the lookout for these cups when I head into Starbucks for gifts and for my own use. Currently Starbucks is not selling these customizable mugs, so when I found this pin on I was really excited to try it! You can find the original pin here.  It really helped that my grandfather is a total Sharpie Pen hoarder so I had an abundance of colors to choose from.

Supplies include a white plain coffee mug and Sharpie Pens of various colors.


First the mug was washed and dried thoroughly. My sister decided she really wanted to design the cup for herself, so she chose a design and colors she liked and began drawing.  She chose a tribal print that is very popular in fashion right now.  She also added her own sense of personality by drawing a symbol from the Lion King and the phrase “Hakuna Mata”. After her design was complete, she placed the mug in the oven and THEN turned the oven on to 400 degrees for 20 minutes (DO NOT PREHEAT).

When the mug has finished baking we removed it from the oven and allowed it to cool completely. I was not impressed with the end results. The colors were faded and had bled into other colors on the mug.



There were also fingerprints on the mug that were not visible before the mug was baked. I’m calling this one a Pintrocity. It nowhere near compares to the Starbucks Create-A-Mug. I think I’ll wait till Starbucks starts selling this create product again before making another custom cup!

Happy Pinning!

Magnetic Makeup Board


I’ll admit it I am a total makeup hoarder.  I’m one of those people who likes to try every new product that hits the market (probably the reason I have 15 different brands of mascaras, eye shadow, concealers, primers, and foundations). With this much makeup in my collection, it seems my bathroom counter is always cluttered with product.  I’ve tried many different organizational solutions like putting boxes inside my draws and even keeping all my daily use products in one giant makeup bag on the counter. When I found this magnetic makeup board pin  from Laura Thought’s blog I knew I had to try it. You can find the directions and the original pin here.

My crazy messy counter!

My crazy messy counter!


…And my attempt at organizing my drawers!

CIMG2799My board took me about 15 minutes to make and cost me about $18. I found an empty frame at Wal-Mart for $4 sheet metal sized to the frame at Lowe’s for about $10 and adhesive magnetic tape at Lowe’s for $4. (If you can’t find adhesive magnetic tape, small magnets and hot glue work as well).




The first step is to place the sheet metal within the frame and press down the frame fasteners. You can now hang the frame if you’d like.  I placed mine up against the counter wall (I don’t have enough wall space to hang it in my bathroom).







Next take all the products you want to hang on the board and attach the magnetic tape to the back.  Make sure you put even on the container. Some of my products are very heavy so I added four pieces of the tape.




Lastly place all your products with magnetic tape on the board… It’s that easy! If you have any products slipping down the board just add some more tape! I started adding the magnetic tape to my products outside and figured out that the heat actually caused the adhesive on the tape to not stick as well, it may be best to apply the tape it in a cool room, or not in direct sunlight.


The end product!

I’m claiming this pin Pinteresting! It was a great solution to my cluttered bathroom counter and actually looks really cool! Do you have any other tips and tricks for organizing your makeup collection? Comment about them below!

Happy Pinning!

Freedom Fruit Pizza


Yesterday I showed you how to create a festive 4th of July wreath, and today I want to share a great recipe I found on Pinterest from Skinny Mom’s blog.  Fruit pizza is always a favorite in my house.  Not only is it delicious, it’s also incredibly beautiful with the colors the variety of fruits you choose bring to the dish.  To add even more 4th of July flair to this years celebration I decided to make an American Flag version of this family favorite.  I’m always one to test out recipes before the actual event, so this blog will be about my prototype version! You can find the recipe and step by step directions here.

The supplies you’ll need include a 16 once roll Pilsbury Sugar Cookie dough (find it in the refrigerated section), a 8 ounce block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese, ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup Splenda, fresh strawberries, and fresh blueberries.


I prefer to limit the amount of artificial sweeteners and sugar that I consume so for the recipe I cut out the Splenda and used less than ¼ cup of sugar, it was plenty sweet and cut even more guilt out of enjoying the treat!

CIMG2765First the sugar cookie dough was kept in the refrigerator until it was completely chilled (easier to work with). Next the dough was pushed into a rectangle compressing each side to make the shape.





CIMG2768After it was rectangular a rolling pin was used to thin the dough and spread it further on the cookie sheet.  It was baked in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and cooled completely.





CIMG2780As the cookie rectangle was cooling, the cream cheese and sugar were mixed together with a hand mixer until it was fully combined and smooth.  The fresh fruit was washed and the strawberries were quartered long ways. Once the cookie was cool the cream cheese mixture was spread evenly on the cookie.  Finally blueberries were added to the top left hand corner of the frosted cookie to represent stars, and the quartered strawberries were put in four straight lines to represent the stripes.


…AND Ta-Da!  The finished product was beautiful!


This recipe is definitely Pinteresting. Not only did my family really enjoy the dessert, I also love that this recipe attempts to cut down on the sugar.  Most fruit pizza recipes add a marmalade glaze or powdered sugar to up the sweetness.  In Skinny Mom’s blog, the recipe incorporates both minimal amounts of sugar and Splenda, and 1/3 less fat cream cheese to cut down on the calories. Although the sugar cookie dough still contains fat and sugars, even cutting out minimal amounts of sugar can have a positive effect on health in the long run!

This recipe is worth a try.  It only took about 45 minutes to create, looks beautiful and was delicious! Try it out, and check out other recipes and tips Skinny Mom has blogged.  Her content is great.

Happy Pinning!

Let Freedom Wreath


Fourth of July is fast approaching and I figured I needed to mix a little Patriotic Pride with Pinterest in my blog! I love wreaths at Christmas time and when I find wreath ideas suited to different holidays I’m always on board to recreate them! I found a great pin for an American flag themed wreath.  For under $10 I recreated this festive clothespin wreath to add a little American flair to my front porch!

Supplies included clothespins, a floral wire wreath (I found one at Wal-Mart), blue and red spray paint, white poster paint and a small paint brush. The size of your floral wire wreath will determine the number of clothespins you need. I also used clothespins with different lengths to give it a less symmetrical feel.



First the floral wreath was sprayed with red spray paint and let dry.  Then I painted 27 clothes pins red, left 36 clothes pins unpainted (my house is white, so white clothespins would have blended in when the wreath was hung), and painted 17 clothes pins blue.


After all the blue clothes pins had dried, I took the white poster paint and painted four white stars on each of the clothespins. In the original pin, the blogger uses white star stickers.  This is an even better idea than painting the stars on.  I was trying to be extra creative… sometimes less is more!

After all the paint was dry the red and white clothes pins were pinned on to floral wire wreath in sections.  Each section contained 9 white clothes pins, or 9 red clothes pins, alternating the sections. All the blue clothes pins were placed on the wreath in one section.  Finally the wreath was hung on a nail that was already on the side of the house, with the blue section at the top left corner.  I found this project very simple with the most time consuming portion being painting the clothes pins and letting them dry.  The wreath really popped against my all white house and can actually be seen from the street!


Not only is this pin a great option for a simple 4th of July decoration, it could be left up all year as an alternative to a traditional American Flag. I’m calling this project Pinteresting. It took less than two hours to make including drying time, and has gotten tons of compliments from the neighbors! Do you have any other ideas for alternative holiday decorations? If so comment and link them below!

Happy Pinning,

Pitch Perfect Pockets


Baseball has always had a huge influence in my life.  Not only did I play baseball and softball growing up, my dad also played and coached Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros.  My sisters and I have always had a passion for the game, and for our hometown team the San Diego Padres.  When I found this pin for baseball shorts my sisters were beyond excited, and since one of my sisters will be spending her 15th birthday at a Colorado Rockies game, she insisted the shorts be one of her presents. You can find the original pin and detailed directions here. I love that the blogger who created the original pair is a Padres fan as well! She has great baseball themed ideas for jewelry and clothing on her blog.

Supplies include a pair of white shorts (I think denim would be great as well), red crochet thread, a needle, a ruler and a pencil.


The blogger put her laces on the sides of her shorts, but I preferred the laces on the pockets.  I started by drawing a faint curved line from the top left corner of the pocket to the bottom left corner and then did the same on the right side of the pocket. The process was repeated for the other pocket. Then straight stitches were sewn on meeting in the middle of the pencil line.



Although it took a good amount of time to create these shorts, they are definitely Pinteresting.  Not only are they super cute, it’s a new way to display your love for the game.  Grab some shorts, get stitching and catch a game or two!


Happy Birthday Maddie!







Happy Pinning,